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Cara's Week in the Gym

I believe you can never do enough Cardio! I have found the best way to stay committed to my 5-6 Cardio workouts per week is to keep variety in my program. I change it up between running, stair-step, treadmill, High Impact and Cardio-Kick-boxing aerobic classes. Everyone’s body responds differently and may not need the same program, but this is what works for me!

CKS Diet/Weight loss Tips:

  • Creating a diet that becomes part of your lifestyle is most important. Crash dieting, weight loss pills/drinks and fad diets are SHORT-TERM fixes. A healthy eating lifestyle takes commitment, dedication, patience and planning.

  • Set realistic short and long term goals—give yourself cheat meals/foods as necessary.

  • I firmly believe in an “energy balance” approach to life. The easiest way to lose size as well as fat is to consume less calories than I burn. There are simple ways to track your caloric intake.

  • Drink a gallon of water per day, avoid soda (yes, even one of my all time favorites…..DIET COKE). Your body reacts and treats all sugars (natural and synthetic) the same. Consuming Aspartame and other Nutra Sweet-like products still forces your body to release insulin and store fat.

  • I start every day off with breakfast, preferably oat meal. Oat Meal is satisfying, filling and a great high-fiber way to start your day!
    Prepare your meals and store in containers that are portioned appropriately.

  • Try to eat 3 medium size meals with two small snacks per day.

  • Avoid foods that are processed, fried, and contain trans-fat.

  • Use Spay Olive Oil and non-stick pans to cook chicken, vegetables and potatoes rather than butter and oil that contain saturated fats.

  • I use cayenne/red pepper, garlic, and ground pepper to add flavor and avoid the need to use salt.

  • Don’t let a weak day/moment get you down, we all fall off the wagon occasionally : )

  • No matter how much you go to the gym, DON’T forget one important rule: Diet is 80% of your results!!

CKS Supplements (

  • Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Women Multivitamin

  • MAS Myoplex Light Protein Powder

  • Met-RX and EAS Protein Bars

  • Variety of NOW Foods products (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Flax Oil, Lecithin, and Kelp)

  • Gamma-O (Gamma Oryzanol)



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