Ms Fitness USA 2007 Competition

MS Fitness USA 2007
By: Lorenzo Gaspar

Athletes from across the country gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the 2007 2007 Ms. Fitness USA to vie for over $21,000.00 in prizes! Each of these competitors, who qualified throughout the year in different local and regional contests, placed their fate in the hands of IFSB head judge, Lorenzo Gaspar and his highly qualified panel of judges.

After a grueling week of rehearsals, photo shoots, interviews and pre-judging, the finals on Friday night arrived at the RIO All Suite Hotel & Casino. Ms Fitness Magazine Editor Greta Blackburn, acting as mistress of the Ceremonies, was on hand to guide the competitors and audience through the competition.

In the first round each competitor displayed their elegant evening gown and shared with the audience and judges a little about themselves and how fitness has personally affected their lives. The judges were looking for beauty , poise and public address skills, because, as we all know, Ms Fitness must be capable of being a spokesperson and role model as well as a motivator for women of all ages.

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Next came the physique round and the judges has a tough task as the competitors appeared on stage in their swimwear and footwear from EllieShoes. Having all competitors in identical swimsuits helps the judges to concentrate on each athleteís physical beauty, muscle tone, and overall balance without being distracted by an array of colors and styles.

The third and final round was the most physically challenging as each competitor was required to perform a 90 second fitness routine demonstrating strength, flexibility and endurance. The judges also looked for a high level of execution of movements, including full extensions, balance, power energy, difficulty of moves, and fluid transitions. And, as it should appear effortless! To make it as safe as possible, Centaur Floor Systems installed a resilient aerobic flooring on the performance stage.

When all the scores were tallied, Supplementstogo.comís owner, Fred Auzenne, was on hand to personally present trophies to the top five finishers. They are Cara Kokenes (219.6); Heidi Malano (212.8); Nikki Crawford (212.2); Karen Elliot-Sandri (211.2); and Tina Thompson-Pope (211.2).

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